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Welcome to Barehams Doggy Day Care

There are lots of people who already own a dog, or would love to own, a dog. But sometimes, changes in lifestyle, appointments, special events and work make it difficult to care for a dog on a daily basis.

Our Doggy Day Care Services are specifically designed for dog owners with busy schedules. We understand that most people work long hours and hate to leave their dogs alone all day. We have created a facility where dogs can socialise, exercise and develop positive behaviours all in a safe, cage-free environment. Your dog will get to play with his or her friends all day, instead of sitting at home lonely and bored.

Make no bones about it, Day Care is right for you too !

When you’re tired out at the end of the day there’s nothing like picking up your happy and well-exercised dog to relax with and enjoy.

Our facility is set in 2 acres of paddocks complete with a fully secured 2 metre perimeter fence. Indoor areas are available when the weather is poor or our guests need a welcomed rest from all the excitement. What’s more, here at Barehams, your dog will receive a personal attention from a caring professional staff and will interact with your dog to build positive social behaviour.

"The staff are wonderful at Barehams. They treat your dog like their own. My dog loves to come here, even if its just for day care."
-Kate P

Why Doggy Day Care ?

  • Provides physical activity, exercise & stimulation, especially important for young, high-energy dogs.
  • A safer, controlled environment for socialisation & play.
  • Can help curb many behavioural problems such as chewing, digging, & jumping.
  • Builds confidence in many dogs that are timid or fearful.
  • Peace of mind for busy owners.

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